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In The Beginning

It all started one evening over 25 years ago when my Uncle was watching the news on Global BC in Vancouver and the anchor's name was Lynn Colliar and he wondered if she was related.

Working and training to be a Librarian, I was nominated by him and my dad to be the family researcher, I was handed a sheet of paper with 6 names and dates on it, the database now has over a 2000 individuals.

When I started there were PCs where non existent and I originally kept the information index cards.

When PCs became available I started using an Excel spreadsheet, eventually family tree software was developed and I started using Family Tree Maker, which I still use today.

I started my research by asking family members, like my Dad, Aunts and Uncles for information, when I had all the information they could remember, I went into Register House in Edinburgh and carried out research there. There was no Internet in late 80s early 90s so I was limited in what I could find and I was left with a lot of dead ends as people had emigrated.

Finally in the mid to late 90s with the advent of the Internet I was able to place ads and carry out research on family that had gone abroad.

However, not all the information is online, so I need help to keep information up to date, we are on Facebook and you could always email us.

In case you where wondering, yes Lynn Collar is related to the family.